the baby and the bathwater

July 17, 2008, 6:18 pm
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I remember getting my first LP. It was Making Movies by Dire Straits. I remember taking out the 12 inch disc, putting it on one of the record players with the plastic arm that came across, then lying on the floor with my ear against the speaker, reading through the artwork. A complete five-way sensation: the sound of the band, the feel of the record sleeve, the smell of the print, the sight of the artwork, and the taste of the cheap instant coffee that we used to drink those days.

Now Trinity Publishing has made it to iTunes, you can now download some of my tracks from there.

iTunes doesn’t quite do it for me though. Seems to lack that rich, multi-sensory experience.

I wonder if it will catch on.


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“with my ear to the speaker.” Is that why you can’t hear your phone ring or us talking to you/about you? I agree with you, there’s nothing like holiding your music as well as listening to it.

Comment by Steve

steve, you have to remember that a speaker in those days (at least for the gramaphones I could afford) were little more than what you would find on a mobile phone these days.

my slightly deaf ear is due to two main things

1. I am nearly 44
2. I love rock and roll

so put another dime in the juke box baby

and get off my case

Comment by Neil Bennetts

So you are. Just had a look on my new iPhone (while having a Nespresso coffee) and had a quick sample of some of the tracks. Couldn’t find anything new though 😉

Comment by Christopher


you are right, nothing new out from me.

but check out david gate, ‘nothing to fear’. brand new from trinity.

Comment by Neil Bennetts

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