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Who are we worshipping?
July 18, 2008, 6:43 pm
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Michael W Smith releases his new worship album called ‘a new hallelujah’.

We are told:

Smith has scored several film projects, written 11 books and been named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People. His tours consistently rank among the best attended in the country and he has performed to capacity crowds throughout the world.


That’s such a relief!

After all you wouldn’t want just any old ugly bloke recording a worship album would you…


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you’ve suddenly gone prolific – are Suzie and the girls away?

Comment by Chris Beaumont

no, just suddenly got more opinionated

Comment by Neil Bennetts

another favourite bit of Michael WH Smiths info is that on his second worship album, ‘Worship Again’ – (huh, what do you mean we have to worship, AGAIN? Give us a break) – there is a song which is an ode the American flag.

Good to know when you buy a WH Smiths album that it’s not just God you’re worshipping!

…. and another thing…. in 2003 I saw a video on the web called “W on W” – which was basically George “W”. Bush talking about how he is good mates with Michael “W”(H) Smith(s)….

…funnily enough that video has now disappeared.

Comment by David Gate

Shall I stop writing my album now?
I’ve got no talent, but I was relying on the fact that I’m starting to go bald to guarantee me a big hit with the middle aged church ladieeeeessss….

Comment by Chris


stay away.

there is only room for one balding, housewife’s favorite.

Comment by Neil Bennetts

did someone say my name?

Comment by David Gate

If the cap fits…

Comment by Chris

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