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Victory is Assured
September 21, 2008, 8:23 pm
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Even Microsoft uses a mac.


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Just got my new one…shiny new Mac Pro…taking my post processing to an even higher level.

Comment by Andy

Hi Neil

Whilst I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea of switching from PC to Mac, and I can see that they look good and have many advocates (Douglas Adams was and Stephen Fry is a fan) who say they are a delight to use.

As someone who has owned, built/rebuilt and supported PCs for 16 years, they strike me as more expensive. And if I were to switch now, many of my old applications would cease to be of any use, and there would be further expense to get the Mac versions.

As Apple is the sole manufacturer, there is not the same competition as in PC land to drive prices down. If they were a more comparable price to PCs then I think there would be more interest.

For now I’ll stick with my PC.


Comment by atkin

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