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Off The Scale!
February 13, 2009, 8:32 pm
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I fell across this webpage today.

It has to be the worst design ever. Off the scale in fact. It’s so worrying: someone, somewhere must have signed this off. And if you can bear it, get past the home page and search some of the menus. Each one is a treasure in itself.

And of course, it’s Christian.

I challenge anyone to top it.


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i like it.

Comment by gatesy ?!

Comment by Dorey

That was not a nice site to visit on my iphone, lying in bed early on a Sat morning, bleary eyed and suffering from a lack of sleep, dehydration and minor headache. A slightly better warning next time please 😉

Comment by chrsfrwll


Comment by Mark Heath

Chris. Sorry.
Mark. I agree.
Gatesy. Why doesn’t that surprise me.

Comment by neilbennetts

Fell on my knees and re-committed my life to Christ when I saw this.

Comment by Kev B

Oh and here’s my 2p’s worth

Comment by Kev B


Welcome to the club of Christian design unrest.
your 2p’s worth is good, definitely a close second, but doesn’t get to number one because it doesn’t induce vomiting….

Comment by neilbennetts

This one isn’t Christian, and is a bit more hi-fi, but is proof that just because something (or in this case about 1000 different ‘somethings’) can be done, doesn’t mean that it/they should be done:

Comment by Simon

Oh my word, I’ve only just noticed the tagline on the site I linked to above. “The Building blocks for Organistaions who wish to exuberate into a paradigmn far ahead of time….. making the impossible a reality!” (all spelling mistakes theirs). Plus there’s a series of logos, including that of E4, which don’t link anywhere, and no evidence that they have done any work for these people.

Just off to exuberate into a paradigmn far ahead of time…

Comment by Simon

This has to come a very very close second….when you load it off, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘where is the OFF button’

And I have to say that ‘exuberating into a paradignm far ahead of time’ sounds like it should be illegal.

Comment by neilbennetts

How did you find it??

Is it just me or is there something slightly endearing about it?


Comment by chrisfox

ah ha…that would be telling….



Comment by neilbennetts

Hey Neil

On that website (, I just loved the animated gifs featuring flying doves and the name of Jesus morphing into something or other. Could it be sort of modern Hebrew? What about the lovely sparkling heart with a rose at its centre? What’s more, the truly cheesy Bontempi organ version of Darlene Zschech’s “My Jesus, My Saviour” added the final punch and emphasis to the awfulness of it all. But you know what? I ended up reading quite a bit of the copy on the second page of that website. Different strokes for different folks. It is so easy to criticise others isn’t it? Especially fellow Christians.

And while we’re on the subject of what constitutes good design; shouldn’t good design include the use of correct grammar and avoiding silly spelling mistakes? Start by checking out the correct use of ‘it’s’ and ‘its’ for starters. On your own blog Neil!

Why is so much Christian design rubbish? Well is it? I reckon it depends on who your audience is. It’s a bit like musicians who desperately pick over the performance they have just given, only to find out that the audience hadn’t a clue that any wrong notes were played or that the lead singer kept singing when the guitarist was supposed to take a solo! How is it that The Sun newspaper outsells The Guardian when the latter is better designed and features more incisive reporting?

But you’re right. That website was truly awful! However, I have a sneaky feeling that the entire thing is more that a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’. See their comment at the bottom of the home page stating “Forget all the other browsers and
down with the Web 2.0 net police”. Have we all been had?

Comment by BobHW

ok, so poynt taken about the sppeling. it was never my strong poynt.

Of course you are right, it may be tongue-in-cheek. let’s hope so, in fact! But I don’t mind being critical (see my post ‘there is nothing wrong with being critical’) as long as I offer something constructive in return…which I hope I do……

Comment by neilbennetts

HA! That is possibly the best worst site I have seen in ages!! It’s SOO bad I think it deserves and award!!

Comment by Mudiwa

This looks like a post-modern ironic wonderpiece. Very Radiohead.

Comment by Argos

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