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The Myths
April 26, 2009, 7:42 pm
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A brand is not a logo. A logo is part of your brand. Your brand is the totality of people’s perception about you, you organisation, your church, your faith. Take RBS for example. The logo hasn’t changed in the last few months, but the brand has changed enormously.

The world thinks in terms of brand. This doesn’t necessarily make ‘branding’ inherently good, or inherently evil. It is just the way the world thinks these days. If we say the church engages with culture, then it needs to engage with the issues of brand.

Every church has a brand. There is no such thing as a ‘brand-less’ church. People perceive things about you, and so you automatically have a brand. The question we need to ask is not ‘should we have a brand?’ but ‘what is our brand?’.

A church should never create a brand (a perception) that conceals the truth or conceals reality or creates a false impression. In fact, the church should be the model brand organisation – creating a brand (a perception) that is totally true, and totally real.

In this culture, ‘brand’ is mission. We should never say ‘we don’t care what the world thinks of us, provided we are being our selves’. Such statements are the marks of a church that has lost it’s mission focus, and is on the road to death.


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Dear Neil,

How could I get the song The Hope that Shines the Way. I have been search of it for over a year now, not knowing the name but having heard it during a visit to Trinity Church in Cheltenham. I have recently found out the name but still cannot find it anywhere to buy or download. Please help.

Comment by Sandra

Hi Sandra

The song is a co-write between Eoghan Heaslip and myself, but we have never been entirely happy that it is finished, and so at the moment it remains on the drawing-board.

Just occasionally this happens – you introduce a song at church and in the context of worship you realise it is is ‘not quite there yet’.

Sorry about that…


Comment by neilbennetts

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