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Back from New Wine
August 9, 2009, 6:20 pm
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Great week: highlights.

– spending time with the Rooster. 10 years ago at new wine I didn’t get him. Now I do. Probably for me the most significant voice on worship for us.

– leading worship in ‘Our Place’ – the special needs tent – on Saturday afternoon. I am never going to complain again.

– there was a deaf man in venue 1. He wasn’t even a Christian. He pointed to his ears and said that he couldn’t hear the worship. He pointed to his heart and said he could feel it. HE WASN’T A FOLLOWER OF JESUS, HE COULDN”T EVEN HEAR THE MUSIC, BUT HE FELT THE WORSHIP. It is true. it’s not just about great sounds, but a connection of the heart.

– ‘Saving Grace’ really rocked. Maybe I can write fast songs.

I may even come back again. 10 years leading here at new wine and it is still amazing.


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Rooster? Explain – a bird?

Comment by Nae

Rooster = David Ruis (definitely not a bird)

Comment by neilbennetts

Yup awesome guy!! Spent a week with him last year at a retreat!! The guy is contagious (in the non medical way) and inspiring! Hope you have a good rest mate đŸ˜‰

Comment by Nae

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