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Book I Read Over the Summer
September 3, 2009, 6:27 am
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Here  are the books I read this summer

Billy Graham Autobiography

A huge read – over 750 pages – but one of the most captivating acounts I have ever read. There is so much that is inspiring from this story that I could write a book on the book. But one of the main things that strikes me is the longevity of his ministry. How he kept going over the long hall, and the things he did along the way to make that possible – holding onto his primary call and not getting distracted; working with a core bunch of people over the whole time who really understood the work; the things he put in place to protect from financial or sexual temptations or accusations.

And let’s remember above all – this guy worked hard. With so many people, especially in the postmodern community, telling us that Kingdom life is more about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ this comes as a breath of fresh air.

The Shack

Thought I would read this one as it is selling so well and causing so much discussion amongst Christians and non-Christians alike. I even noticed that at New Wine there was a seminar series about the book. I’m not denying that many outside the church will find this accessible – that’s amazing. And I did enjoy the poetic unpacking of some deep theological issues such as the Trinity. But other than that I can’t say I really liked it. A bit too cheesy and a bit emotional for me. Still…each to their own.

God wants to save Christians – Rob Bell

Started really well – a great first half talking about the kingdom and justice. Then it seemed to take a sharp left and lost it’s way. Seemed like there is only half a book here, with a couple of previous sermons tagged on the end. I wonder whether the pressure to produce yet another book has caused this one to come out before it was really ready.

A couple of Geoffry Archer novels

Still the master story teller. I end up reading most of his books a couple of times just because they are such a great read.

Sale – James Patterson

I gave up reading James Patterson a few years ago when he started churning out bad books that have been co-written with other people. Thought I would try the latest one to see if it had improved. It hasn’t.

Dreams from my Father – Barrack Obama

Very well written – a book from well before the presidency was on the cards. Great to find out about the history of the man, and to come across an American president who can string words together well.


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Where are you Bennetts?? tried to email you and see if you wanted to catch up via phone or skype or something?! I feel rejected!

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