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We need to go deeper
September 21, 2009, 1:03 pm
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A new term, and once again I am heading out in the hope that I will be able to contribute some creativity, something new to our church, and maybe to the New Wine network that I am part of, that will help us grow in our worship opf God. As I think about it, part of me is excited. But alongside that I am challenged: what will make this year a good year for songs in our church and network.

And this is what I think God is saying to me, to us: “Go Deeper. Go deeper in My Word before you come up with a lyric. Search hard for the new diamond before you start to shape it into a melody.”

I am convinced that as I look around me, as I listen to the cd’s that are coming out at the moment, that there is one realy big thing that we all need to learn, and that is to search harder and longer and more intentionally for the next jewel that will become a song. Most lyrics that I hear these days are flat and predictable. I’m not saying that they are not good, or not birthed from a seed of inspiration from the heart of God. I just don’t think we are all going deep enough with them, and with Him, before we come back to the surface and ask our church to join in and sing what we have created.

That is my theme for this next year.

To go deeper.

Anyone want to join me?


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May your lyrics be deeper than the sea
Really deep and full of profunditeee
May our songs never be the same
never be the same
never be the same, again

Comment by Mark

It is good to read your comment as I fell this is a season for the church as a whole to ‘Go deeper with Him’. This was the theme that came up in our womens group on Friday and then was preached at church on Sunday. I beleive He wants more of our hearts, our souls , our daily lives, our selves; in that I beleive He doesn’t want wishy-washy worship, but totally committed, not lukewarm and reaching the communities in which we live. Ok Neil- go for it! Jen x

Comment by hallmum

Yeah, amen to that. Sick of singing the same thing just because we know what’s coming next (and it has sold lots of CDs). God is infinitely more creative than that, so I resonate completely with the need to go deeper into Him, mining the diamonds that will become the corporate song.

Bring it on.

Comment by Kev

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