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History or Hope
October 20, 2009, 8:08 am
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I love reading church history. The fact that I didn’t do a theology degree means I missed out on all of that, and am now only beginning to catch up.

But whereas I want to read it, and understand it, and learn from it, I will run into trouble if I ever start to live in it.

I want to learn from History, but more than that I want to live in Hope.

I want to learn from the way Acts 2 church happened, but more than that I want to live in the hope of Revelation 21 church. I want to learn from the historic traditions of church worship down the centuries, but I want to sing the songs of  New Creation worship.

One of our interns recounted a dream that one of her friends had recently. In that dream, her friend – a worship leader and songwriter – found himself in heaven worshipping, and as they worshipped they began to sing a song he had composed some time before.  Incredibly excited, the worship leader went up to one of the angels and said ‘wow – you are singing one of my songs – that’s amazing’.

To which the angel replied, ‘No – that song you wrote – that was one of our songs that we let you use on Earth’

So what drives you – history, or hope?


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[Predictable quote mode: On] We learn from history that we learn nothing from history –George Bernard Shaw–

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so you found the caps lock then Lips….

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