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The New iMac
November 1, 2009, 10:49 am
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It’s amazing.

Just as soon as I can I’m going to get one.

And one of these.

Getting a Mac doesn’t make you creative, but it does allow your God-given creativity to be used properly. In fact, you could argue that Mac’s are very close to the heart of God in this respect.

Maybe even if the tabernacle was being refurbished today, it would have iMac’s all over the place.

Maybe even if Moses was receiveing the ten commandments today he would put them on a Mac. Of course if he had used a PC then by the time he had got back off Sinai, not only would all the people have turned to worship other gods, but his PC would have crashed, and the holy commandments would have been lost for all time. He may have saved a few bob, but at the same time he would have lost something precious in the process.

The fact is that Mac serves the creative world.

PC’s don’t.

Get over it.


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Can quite understand you (still) hankering after the 3GS. It continues to amaze me. Latest after trying out Multitrack, a 16 track recorder. Who needs an iMac (which I’m hearing rumblings about performance issues, though this could be discontent PC users). No power supply issue with a 3GS. Much more suitable up Mt Sinai.

Comment by Chris

I’m in the club now.

Comment by Chris Fox


Comment by neilbennetts

iDolatry if you ask me

Comment by Self-righteous PC User

Comment by gatesy

didn’t you come into my office a few hours ago and ask for a new mac?

Comment by neilbennetts


Comment by gatesy

it’s not me that needs convincing…

Comment by neilbennetts

Its not the hardware that’s the problem – it’s the operating system. Win-doze is just awful. Anything Linux based is going to be more reliable so OSX, Ubuntu, etc are the way to go. Personally I’ve just switched to Ubuntu and I’m loving it.

Comment by Chris Beaumont


Comment by kim

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